Scotland: SOUTHPOUR, Edinburgh

I’ve been treated to an exceptional number of bright, sunny days during my visit to Scotland.

On one such of these days, I met up with an old friend from university for a hike up Arthur’s Seat. About two minutes in, we realised we were in desperate need of caffeine, so we popped into the closest place we saw.

Walking into SOUTHPOUR, I was delighted to find how beautifully it’s been done up. We used to come here for drinks as first year students, but the place has been recently remodeled into what must be one of the prettiest places on the South Side.

With exposed brick, industrial lighting, and chevron tiling, this little bistro is truly a sight to behold.

We took a seat in one of the sunny booths, each decorated with a little thistle bouquet.

The lattes all come with a piece of homemade tablet, which is kind of like a Scottish fudge for those that haven’t had the pleasure of trying it.

The menu is full of modern twists on Scottish classics, all of which are shockingly affordable, with prices for breakfast hovering around £5!

I got the oak smoked kipper benedict, with homemade creme fraise and toast with ‘posh butter’. I’m not sure exactly what posh butter is, but it was delicious.

My friend went for the sweetcorn nori with slow roasted tomatoes. The food and drinks were simply but excellently done – my favourite kind of meal.

Having fueled up, we embarked up towards our destination.

Reaching the summit, we found our own little nook on a cliff overlooking the city and sat talking for what seemed like days. There’s something about sitting up there, gazing down upon the city and sea that gives you a clearer mind and sharper perspective. If you go, don’t just take a selfie at the top and hustle down again. Bring a thermos (or a flask, I won’t judge) and stay for a while.

Eventually, we got up, took our obligatory summit selfies, and headed back down the other side.

There’s a huge pond full of unbelievably friendly swans looking for bread crumbs that you have to make sure you don’t miss.

After a little Scottie scared off the swans, we strolled back along the Crags into the soft winter sun feeling totally renewed.



Rosalie Le Gander

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