Le Gander


Le Gander is a Detroit based lifestyle and travel blog that is growing and evolving as often as I do. I’ve always loved tinkering around with photography and reading blogs, so when I received a fancy camera for my birthday I began my own blog as a creative pursuit. I use Le Gander to showcase the things & places I love best and to promote businesses that in one way or another encompass some of my passions – sustainability, women-ownership, and preservation of heritage.



I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, which she still calls home when I’m not off in pursuit of some adventure. I studied Philosophy & Economics at the University of Edinburgh before switching to Software Engineering with the help of Grand Circus and The Flatiron School.

When I’m not busy traveling I love getting outdoors, browsing through the library, practicing yoga, dabbling around the kitchen, and sharing it all with you here!



You can reach out to me at any of my social media channels! On Instagram you can find me @leganderco and you can Tweet me @roselegander, or you can find me on Facebook at

For any questions, collaborations, or partnerships, you can contact me directly at and I’ll get back to you shortly!


What’s a Gander?

Glad you asked! It’s short for Michigander – geddit? It also means to take a long look at something, and back in the 1600’s originally implied a ‘foolish wandering’.